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It includes: POS Point of Sale - CRM Customer Relationship Management - FIN Financial Management - SCM Supply Chain Management - PLM Product Life Cycle Management - eCommerce Online Stores - Attendance & Payroll and More, Select what you need of them.

Video Recording:

Only our ERP includes a Smart Video Surveillance. Your Cash Drawer is Automatically linked to Cameras. Protect your Money from theft.

Updates and Changes

This ERP Software is developed by us It is belong to us. So We can do any Changes/Modifications You need. We will sort out all your problems.

24/7 Support

Our24/7 Support includes: Phone, Email, Online and On-Site. We come to you when you need us. We Support your Software & Hardware.

Fast & Reliable

NoBody can Spy on you OR Access your data - No On-Line Risks, Problems and Slow Performance - No Internet Connection No Worries - No Shared Accounts.

Fingerprint & Iris

Biometric Access Control and Time Clocks. The main reason behind deploying a biometric time clock in workforce management is to eliminate time theft.

Cost Effective Prices

Professional Service with Budget Prices, We have varied felxible Prices & Payment Options, Choose How to pay, plus you can Add more Utilities later.

About us

For more than 12 years, Systems Package has been delivering smart and cost-effective ERP solutions to B2B and B2C enterprises alike, helping them balance the value they bring to and get from their customers. We provide a Wide range of ERP Development Services that cover Business Analysis, Configuration and Customization, Custom Development, Integration and Support. We deliver precise, business-specific solutions that support a varying complexity of B2B and B2C sales processes and exploit ERP opportunities to the fullest. Packaged software with default settings is made to serve default businesses, falling short of realizing your true competitive advantages. We are ready to tailor a ERP system to your actual business needs, with a special attention to the types of involved stakeholders and your operational model – from direct sales to subscription management and contractual agreements.









IAS ERP Software for Hospitality Business

It includes: Dine In - Take Away - Phone Orders & Delivery - Tables Management - Multi Kitchen Printer - Scheduled Cooking - Kits & Meals in one Click. Happy Hour & Specials - Create & Print your own Barcodes & Labels - Marketing. Purchases - Shift Closing - Suppliers/Customers - Expenses - Reporting & Analysis - Staff SignIn/Out & Wages with Camera. Intelligent Sales & Expenses Forecasting and Analysis - Best & Wrost 100 Seller items - BI Business Intelligence


Other Utilities :-

- Fingerprint - Cash Drawer Cameras - iPad Waiter App - iPhone Control App - Software Changes - Online Orders Integration. Each one is a seperate Utility.

Fingerprint App

Fingerprint for Staff Attendance & Logon, It is linked to your Mobile Phone & Wages Reports.

Tablet Touch 12 inch

We can Provide you with Brand New, Quality & Cheap Hardware: Computer, Touch Screen, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer...etc. You can use any Tablet, iPad or Touch Screen with our Software from 7 inch up to 31 inch.

Main Sales Window

It is your Sales Window for : Orders, Delivery, Payments, Customers and More....

Group Sales Window

-Shows you all the items (Up to 200 item for each Window) in each group with thier Extras and Sizes/Types


We are not a Software Reseller but we are Internationally Registred as Software Development Company.

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Mosh & X-Foreign Affairs Minister

Systems package has developed our Jewellery software, Restaurant Software and Distribution Company Website & Software. They Working for us since many years because they are the Best.

A number of Oweners & Managers

Many Owners and Managers are Happy to work with us, Most of them had another Software before using ours and they still using our Software since many years. Most of them had another Software before us.

Jacob and his Assistant

Thanks a lot Systems Package for Supporting Our Retail Shops & Cafes for many Years. We saved a lot of Money because We Added 2 Video Cameras for each Cash Drawer.

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