What our Customers say?

We have moved from our old Money Transfer Software to MTES Because we are one of the biggest Money Transfer Companies in Australia and Thailand we was looking for a special Remittance Web Solution which can help use to serve our hunderds thousands customers according to our needs and Requirments, all of our requested Changes & Additions have been done, now we have an Eazy, Fast & Effecient Remittance Web Software. We started to open new Branches and Agents.   (Paul - X-D Money Transfer & Owner & Director)

We have been using IAS ERP for the last 4 years and find the system easy to use.  Its greatest strength is the overall the ability to make any required modification inside the Software we spent long time search for a good company to develop what we need as we want, it is good to deal with the company which has developed the ERP system. Video Recording is intelligent Utility it is very  Important & helpful for any Retail  business.   (Mazy - Pitt Supermarkets Group Partner & Manager)

Thanks Video Recording in IAS ERP it provides us with a means to track our staff mistakes and control or Cash Drawers, it provides us with daily sales Videos and Information, helps us to be more accurate with our Customers and increases our Profit. Off-Course it is so easy and elegant support with Friendly Staff.    (Sam - Bridge Supermarkets Owner & Manager)

Thanks Systems Package for all the help and patience to migrate our Data from the old ERP to IAS ERP system. It is very easy system our staff could use it with a few minutes it is incredible . We initially thought a couple of weeks before starting using it but IAS ERP system proved so good and Professional Support it is real 24/7.   (Modi- CCS Supermarket Manager)

Because we have a very big Restaurant (200 Guests) we was looking for something  Reliable & Secured to help us serve our Guests and protect our Privacy we didn't like to use any Android  Devices, in Systems Package they provided us with an Easy & Good iPad App, they were very patient to develop it as an efficient App plus we have selected our Hardware Size & Brand.   (Faris - Sawa Rbina Restaurant Owner & Manager)

Our problem was to find something to work outdoor Properly, Affordable  & Reliable with a portable device in systems package they provided us with the most reliable & Secured options (iPad or Surface with windows 8 Pro) linked to our main Computer.  (Aym - Queen Cafes & Car Wash Owner & Manager)

We are using MTES for Money Transfer since 3 years, in Systems Package they did all Modifications and Changes required by us. We didn't need any Support for 3 years unless one time for Hosting updates, they give us more than what we need specially in Security & Control. Our MTES Money Transfer is integrated with our Agents's Systems Overseas.  (Hyd - Express World Wide Money Transfer Owner & Manager)

Because of my business nature I have to go overseas I was looking for any software to control and follow up my shops in Australia, Systems Package has supplied us  the most efficient iPhone App solution with the best price, now I can go overseas and follow up my shops thanks Systems Package.  (Moe - Express Supermarkets Owner & Manager)

Support Enquiries                     : support@systemspackage.com.au

Phone                                      : 02 9703 1634

After Hours Support & Enquiries Call our Team

 We Offer our customers support via Phone Calls. Email Messages and SMS. During our Support/Warranty Agreement any Bug or Manfacturing Faults in or Software or Hardware(if Provided by US) We will do our best to fix it for FREE ASAP.
Systems Package always Improves & Enhances it s Products continuously. So you can update your Software regulary if you you like to do, it is free because it is included with our Support agreement, We do all updates online if internet connection is available otherwise we will come to you.