intelligent  video surveillance Solutions :

Do you Know  according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer The level of economic loss that occurs in retail stores is far larger than any other form of property crime in Australia: larger than auto theft, bank robbery, burglary, and personal robbery. The $3 billion in loss due to retail crime is the single largest category of property crime each year, According to the Chamber of Commerce, 75 percent of employees steal from their workplace and most do it repeatedly. Security Magazine reported employee theft statistics showing an upward trend,

All of our Clients own the normal video Surveillance (DVR, IP Camera....) but they depend on our Intelligent Retail CCTV  to Watch and Control their Staff.

Do Easy Control and Stop Cash Theft  and Shoplifting with for Software Development. Those software Products are unique and only available in Systems Package, They are not the normal Video Surveillance Products they are totally different where you can select which  one of them suits your needs. Our intelligent Surveillance Solutions have saved a lot of money for all Customers at least %35 more Revenues. These Software Products include many modules such as Video and Photo Investigation and Analytics. Do not waste your time search for long hours using Dinosaur Era Technologies, Our Software Products will count and record all Staff and Customers Actions. Even you can search by Worker or Customer Face.  

Any Intelligent Surveillance Solution can be linked and integrated with many of our Software products such as: Fingerprint, Payroll, ERP /CRM/POS Solutions, Money Exchange, Money Transfer, Hotels PMS and more .

Surveillance  Solutions List:

- Cash Theft Protector Software.
- Facial Customer Loyalty Software.
- Shoplifters Hunter Software.
- Intelligent Surveillance Analytics Software.
- Video Demographics Analytics Software.
- Intelligent Surveillance Analytics Marketing Software
- Video Mining Software.
- Facial Surveillance Software.
- Advanced Object Tracking Software.
- License Plate Recognition Software.
- Customer Traffic Analysis Software.

You can Select only one of them or integrate a number of them together in one Solution. We will show you the Options then We will custom the best Solution for you according to your Requirements and Budget.

- We also offer a 365-day warranty period designed to correct any possible defects after the project is finished.

 - No Hidden Fees Every Agreement includes guarantee to ensure your project is completed within Budget. -

Our Products are running in the six continents(Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and our home land Australia).