Our Smart CRM & Phone Messages will Bring More & New Customers to your Shop. 

If any worker Tries to Steal your Money Videos and Alarms will be sent to your Phone.

From Your Computer Send Phone Messages to your Customers with  what they used to buy from you. Make more money from Short Date and Expired Items

It is not only a POS System it gives you a Physical Control on your Cash, Many Utilities to Catch any Worker Steals your Money even he did not use the system Our Intelligent Retail CCTV will Catch Him.

Our Software has caught  many workers Selling Items without using the Computer/Cash Register (Automatically! All Those Videos & Audio Have been emailed to the Owner\Manager).
During Sales Process If any Worker has Canceled/Void any Actually Sold Item our Software will record a Separate Video&Audio Under His Name.

IASPOSis the most popular in the city in Sydney, it is already running in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Many Regional Cities IASPOS Software includes:-

IIt includes: Dine In - Take Away - Phone Orders & Delivery - Tables Management - Multi Kitchen Bump screens - Multi Kitchen Printers - Scheduled Cooking - Kits & Meals in one Click. Happy Hour & Specials - Create & Print your own Barcodes & Labels - Marketing - Send Phone Messages  to Customers - Purchases - Shift Closing - Inventory - Suppliers/Customers - Expenses - Reporting & Analysis - Staff Attendance & Wages with Camera.- Staff fingerprint - Intelligent Sales & Expenses Forecasting and Analysis  -  BI Business Intelligence - 24/7  Online and OnSite Support

Watch more than 50 Videos from  Our Videos on Youtube  about  our Software and Real Videos from our Staff  CCTV

., to see a Real Photos for our IASPOS Systems Visit IASPOS Photos Page, to know more about IASPOS Functions and How it works Visit IASPOS  Hospitality Functions Videos Page.

 Watch, Listen & Read - Video, Audio & Data

Our Smart CRM & Phone Messages to Bring More & New Customers to your Restaurant

All of our Clients own the normal video Surveillance (DVR, IP Camera....) but they depend on our Retail CCTV  because it is Smart  and to save their Time.

intelligent  Staff CCTV:

Only our IASPOS includes a Smart Video Surveillance. Your Cash Drawer is Automatically linked to Cameras. Protect your Money from theft. It can be linked to your Phone.  Read about Surveillance.

Customer Face ID

It is the most Recent Technology, Using Face ID  with to Maximize your Sales by keebing your customers Coming to your Shop anf offer them what they used to nuy from you.  Read about Enterprise Software

Custom Software Development

This IASPOS Software is developed by us It is belong to us. So We can do any Changes/Modifications You need. We will sort out all your problems. Read about Enterprise Software

CRM & Phone Messages

Our Smart CRM Send messages to your customers with Special Prices, Offers, New Items, Short Date Items They used to buy from you, Gifts to your missed Customers.. & More. Read from  our Customers

Fingerprint & Face ID

Biometric Access Control and Time Clocks. The main reason behind deploying a biometric time clock in workforce management is to eliminate time theft. Read about Biometrics.

Phone Control Apps

From anywhere Manage your business by your Phone.check Stock, Statements, Sales, Purchases, Trace Susbected Worker, Suspected Behavior, Read more about iPad & iPhone Apps

Profit Increase after using IASPOS

IASPOS is not extra Cost on your Business but it will give you more Savings and Profits, any Section in our Software you will use it will give you more Money as we have been told by our Customers. IASPOS is very Easy to use it will cover everything in your Business.

1- After using Smart CCTV they told us many workers have been Sacked.
2- After using Customer Loyalty  they told us Sales have been Increased.
3- After Using Bump Screen   has  shrinked the Mistakes& Time
4- After Using our Simple Accounting they Said Savings have been Increased.
5- After using Phone Messages has increased the sales and customers Count
6- After Using IASPOS Reporting they Said Sales have been Increased.
7- After Using EFTPOS & Scale  Link No More Mistake & Customers are Happy.
8- After using IASPOS they Said No More Customer Queues in Busy Hours.
9- After using IASPOS they Said Our Staff could use it in Few Minutes.
10- After using Attendance they Said Less Staff Problems & Wages.
11- After Using Kitchen Printers  Saved a lot of Time & Mistakes

Smart CCTV Weekly Savings


Dollar /Points  Profit Increase


Phone Messages  Sales Increase


PDT Stock Control Weekly Proft Increase


Accounting Weekly Savings


Customer Face ID weekly Sales Increase


Average Weekly Profit Increase


IASPOS Software for Cafes and Restuarants More Details:-

- Control many shops from anywhere by your Personal Computer or your Phone.

- Our System will tell you which items its sales is increasing and witch items its sales is Decreasing.

- Create & Print different Item and Shelf Labels with or without Barcodes on Same Receipt Printer.

- Accounting Software is included so you do not have to buy MYOB, Xero.......

- Any New Worker can use it in a couple of Minutes.

- Fast Items Bulk Changes. in a few Seconds Change Price, Category for Hundreds of Items


Staff Fingerprint to use the software and Time Attendance

Bump Screen

Kitchen Bump Screen

Sales Screen

Main Sales Screen

Cash Payment Machine

High Secured Cash Machine(Notes-Coins)

where your customers will pay money and get Change.

Your staff will not touch any Cash. It is secured.

Can be used with Cashier to scan the Sold Items..

Can be used with Customer Self Service Machine.

Staff Smart Camera

Catch any Worker tries to steal your Money

Customer Loyalty and Phone Message

CRM To make customers keep coming to your shop, each spent dollar will get points; Customer can use his points to buy from your shop.

Send messages to your customers with Short Date Items they used to buy, New Items, Specials, message missed customers with a gift....

Self Service Machine

Customer Self Service Machine

Owner/Manager Phone App

From your phone know how much Sales, Stock Balance & Value, Supplier Balances, Sold Out Items, Staff attendance, you can know how much money inside your cash drawer.

Hardware and Software Prices (Limited Time)

Call Now to Stop Cash Theft & Get More Customers

We have different Hardware Options OR Create your Own Package.

 All Devices are New with Warranty by its manufacturer Companies.(Computer, Touch Screen, Printer, Scanner, ...), Except the Refurbished DELL Computer

Some Features Require Internet Connection and Some Do not  Need Internet.

You Can Use your Own Hardware(Computer, Printer, Touch Screen...)

Sending Phone Messages to Customers Starts from $30 per Month and can be canceled at any time.

Online Support = Phone, Email & Remote Access - On-Site  Support = Online  and in your Shop .

It is a Limited Time Offer, Call Now:02 9703 1634.

New Dell Computer 1yr WRNTY

15-23"TouchScreen 3YR WRNT

Epson Printer 2YR WRNTY

Cash Drawer 1YR WRNTY

Desktop Scanner 2YR WRNTY

19"Display Screen 1YR WRNTY

Price: $2500

Buy Now  

IASPOS: $50 On-Line Support

Buy Now   

OR $100 with On-Site Support

Buy Now   

Camera, HD, Cables: $250

Buy Now   


Delivery EST 3-6 Working Days

Refurbished Dell PC 1YR WRNT

15-23"TouchScreen  3YR WRNT

Epson Printer 2YR WRNTY

Cash Drawer 1YR WRNTY

Desktop Scanner 2YR WRNTY

19"Display Screen 1YR WRNTY

Price: $1600

Buy Now   

IASPOS: $50 On-Line Support

Buy Now   

OR $100 with On-Site Support

Buy Now   

Camera, HD, Cables: $250

Buy Now   


Delivery EST 3-6 Working Days

15" Nexa NP-1060 2YR WRNTY

15" Touch Screen included

Epson Printer 2YR WRNTY

Cash Drawer 1YR WRNTY

Hand Scanner 2YR WRNTY

19"Display Screen 1YR WRNTY

Price: $1750

Buy Now  

IASPOS: $50 On-Line Support

Buy Now   

OR $100 with On-Site Support

Buy Now   

Camera, HD, Cables: $250

Buy Now   


Delivery EST 3-6 Working Days

IASPOS Software:$50 monthly

OR $100  On-Site Support

CCTV(No Audio): Included

EFTPOS  Link: Included

Videos  to your Phone: Included

Customer Points-CRM:Included

Customer Phone Message:$30

Multi Shops Server: Call

Staff Fingerprint-Iris :Call

Customer Face ID:Call

Item Detection:Call


Owner Phone App : Call

All Software Prices are Monthly

To be Paid Monthly. Min 1 Year


More Customers


More Sales Transactions


Less Expenses monthly


More Monthly Profit

Customers Success Stories

Jacob and his Sales Manager 

Thanks a lot Systems Package for Supporting Our Retail Shops & Cafes for many Years. We saved a lot of Money because We Added 2 Video Cameras for each Cash Drawer.

Mosh & X-Foreign Affairs Ministe 

Systems package has developed our Jewellery software, Restaurant Software and Distribution Company Website & Software. They Working for us since many years because they are the Best.

Firas restaurant

Our Restaurant is very big and it needs a strong Software and devices, we started with 3 Computers and 2 IPads, all the software was provided by Systems Package. Thanks.

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